Monday, October 3, 2011

markets & a picnic in madrid.

Exploring cities in one or two days really takes it toll on you after a while, trying to get around and see everything without feeling disappointed that you missed something can be somewhat the time I got to Madrid I was exhausted! The heat doesn't help much either...

On the first evening we discovered some MORE amazing markets, Mercado de San Miquel.
These aren't your traditional markets, they're slightly more upmarket and while they have your cheese, meat and fresh produce stalls, what they're really good for is tapas.
We had lunch there one day and I got a skewer of assorted olives, a small roll filled with steak cooked in front of me, the most amazing ham croquet i have ever tasted and another skewer with cheese, cherry tomatoes and homemade pesto...yum.

Madrid being in the absolute centre of Spain has no ocean nearby...instead the city has a lot of beautiful parks. On day two, we decided to go and spend some time lazing and enjoying the nearby park called Parque de Retiro - this is also home of the Crystal Palace you'll see down below.
We cheated a bit with lunch and went to the supermarket...ordering from the deli was a little test on my basic Spanish skills but I got way too much food and all for only 5 euros - bargain!

P.S. loving that little drink KAS, so refreshing on a hot day

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