Friday, October 28, 2011

current events.

Although I am yet to blog about the last stop on my little trip (Paris), I though it was high time that I updated you on the past little while.
I've been back in London for a few weeks now and my life has consisted of house hunting, job searching, house hunting, job searching, repeat and repeat again. 
At times we've been almost homeless (well not really) and not knowing where you're going to sleep that night has been a little test for me. 
I have secured some work for the next three weeks and I start Monday, so back into the daily grind for a wee stint. This also meant I had to go out and buy my first ever suit yesterday - thank you H&M for helping out a girl on a budget.
It's getting colder (and rainier) and I think I'm going to have to buy coat in the next few days....but the sun has been shining a little bit today so theres hope for us yet.
Here's a selections of snaps from the past few weeks...

waffles & gelato from Scoop - to die for...
a street named after Ben!
checking out some art at the Moniker Art Fair
catching up with old friends
eating cupcakes with new friends
Broadway Markets
waiting for a roast pork roll...
sunset over London

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