Sunday, September 25, 2011


Avignon was one of my stops (more on that later) and while in the area i HAD to take a trip out to the little villages of Provence (seeing as i have a romantic idea that i want to retire on a lavender farm/vinyard in the south of France..). i was gutted that i had missed the lavender fields in bloom by about a month but the tour was great, just a small group of two Japanese girls, an old couple from Ohio,  & me. I rode shot gun so got to take in maximum surroundings and it was so beautiful!

Roussillon is a stunning little town in Provence and my favourite of the two we visited.
it sets itself apart from the other villages in the region, all the buildings are varying shades of red and orange as the surrounding area has large amounts of clay with deposits of ochre.

i enjoyed an hour here wandering around admiring the sights, colours, textures and a lavender ice cream which was surprisingly good, it tasted "pretty"

sorry for my lack of blogging over the last week, it's been a combination of no internet, crap internet and my increase in social life (yes, i made some friends), i have heaps of updating to do! xx

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