Wednesday, September 28, 2011


my first thought when arriving into Barcelona was "wow, every single little square inch of land in this city has a building jammed into it", there are so many buildings and it looks awesome, a total concrete jungle but in a cool way..

all i'd heard from people about Barcelona was pick pocking and theft stories and i was really over hearing about it! if you're smart about it, then it most likely won't happen to you.
to be honest, i felt super safe in this city, there was always hundreds of people around because of the Spanish way of life, the day starts later and ends later.

Barcelona was full on, I was on the go the whole time which was awesome! From markets to Gaudi to bike tours, to cooking class and a salsa club to name a few.
i have so many photos from this amazing, colourful city to share, i hope you enjoy!

left: Gaudi helped with this in his early days - not very Gaudi huh? right: the Arc de Triomphe
Mercat de Sant Josep

my 3 euro ring from the illegal markets at Park Guell - how long will it last?
Park Guell
picnic lunch (my new favourite) from Mercat de Sant Josep
Mercat de Sant Josep
view of Barcelona from Park Guell
bike tour gang
people watching at the Magic Fountain
best street performer ever at Park Guell - love!
the Magic Fountain

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