Monday, September 26, 2011


Gordes was the second little village i visited on my little tour of Provence.
it's slightly bigger and more popular, and if you've seen the movie "The Good Year" with Russell Crowe - part of it was filmed here in front of the fountain..

when i was there, the famous Mistral Winds (locally know as Le Mistral) of Provence had kicked in and I literally nearly got blown over on numerous occasions, these winds were pretty chilly, they sometimes blow gusts of more than 90kms per hour and the local people believe that they always stay for an odd number of days, most hoping it's only one but they can last over a week and generally they are around for 100 days of every year...i need to re-think my retirement plan in provence, these winds were not pleasant in the slightest..

the last stop on my little tour was the Lavender Museum. WOW - i smelt a little too much lavender during my time there, but i learnt a lot about how they create lavender oil, the different types of lavender and much more that you may or may not find interesting...

i'm off to hunt down a copy of "A Year in Provence" by Peter Mayle and dream some more...

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