Monday, August 1, 2011

two weeks.


two weeks and it's on.

my FOMO is growing stronger by the day
i feel like everyone i know is currently in amsterdam and i am missing out big time
itchy feet are reaching their peak

in the weekend i booked tickets to sweden and denmark and i'm beyond excited, they're both high up on my list of places to go and with the potential of a late summer, i think i'm in for a treat.

i invested in a new camera and i think it's love.

with the "elimination of my worldly possessions process" well underway, there is a question that keeps popping up..."how did i accumulate so many items of clothing?" the thought of parting with some of these gems is breaking my heart so procrastination is playing a big role in my life, even though there isn't room for it. 
where do you draw the line?

hurry up august 16th!

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