Thursday, August 18, 2011

day one in the motherland.

i'm here and I LOVE IT.

i think i'd forgotten what it was like to fly such a long way, and on your own it's pretty boring. on the second leg i was squashed up against a chinese man with a bad case of halitosis, who had no idea the boundaries of my personal bubble (watch your own TV not mine) and who also continuously spoke to himself...great.

day one was pretty intense, i was in a fragile glass case of emotion but for the most part that meant i was diliriously giggly and everything was amusing me...

after a short rest (i was determined not to sleep) Gene took me into Oxford Street and Carnaby Street. WOW - that place truly is the meaning of "hustle and bustle". we checked out the major stores i'd always heard about (no purchases btw and i didn't even need to use self control, i was way to overwhelmed) and  chilled out a little in Cavendish Square Gardens.

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