Tuesday, April 16, 2013

positive perspective.

strawberry season is here, happiness

i'm amazed that it's been over two months since i last found the time or the right head space to spend some time on here. i'm still yet to post the rest of my pictures from morocco, bits and pieces from around london (many a snow day) and snaps from my holiday away from my holiday at home.

february was incredibly busy with the lead up to ecobuild and before we knew it the show was over...directly following that i was on a plane to auckland to be bridesmaid to one of my nearest and dearest friends and of course to spend some time with family and friends. although i planned to spend some time catching up on things while at home, i was literally on a holiday from the world and i don't quite know where the time went, but i know that it was nice.

coming back to the bitter london winter (even snow days in early april) was hard after a few warm sunny weeks in the paradise that is new zealand, but feeling refreshed i was ready to tackle the new year. however, the few weeks since i have been back haven't exactly been smooth riding and i now find myself in a different situation than i intended to be but with an open mind and a positive outlook on whats to come

heres to a few months of me time, four months left in london and who knows what's next around the corner...

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