Saturday, April 14, 2012

eating my way around the world.

a big part of travelling for me is trying all the local cuisine. i love food and in my eyes, visiting a place without eating local specialities is not truely visiting a place at all. the holiday recently was no exception, we feasted like royals and really struck it lucky with amazing restaurants and markets

prague - czech style beef tartare
prague - pork knee with horseradish and mustard, creamed spinach and beans with bacon
vienna - wiener schnitzel - i craved this for days after. so good.
vienna - giant sushi, Gene thinks it's close to the best he's ever had
wasabi face
budapest - goulash
budapest - baked mozzarella
budapest - hungarian burger with homemade bread and fried smoked pork leg. yum.
cutest menu at the burger market stall
omelette with fresh orange juice from the cutest little italian cafe - Nostro Gastronomy

yes, when i got home i joined the gym and am dieting to prepare for summer!

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