Saturday, December 24, 2011

christmas love from london.

It's felt like Christmas in London for weeks now, decorations started appearing in early October...thanks Tesco's.
One of my Christmas wishes is most likely not going to come true, but instead of snow we are meant to have blazing sunshine and temperatures this week are up up up so I can't complain at all!
I also wish I could have all my favourite people in one place today, however the day is going to be amazing with Christmas treats (good food & lots of pressies) in the morning and an afternoon spent with close friends, I've been excited all week.

xx Merry Christmas xx

here are a few snaps of Christmas around London

a cool guy with a good aim not only won me this giant Rudolph (named Rudee) but also the little Santa hanging out at the bottom of the chimney, lucky girl I am

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